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Trend Neo Natur - Recharge your batteries in the mountains!

Nature is well known as the source of our resources.

The fundamental role it plays in our psyche is only gradually becoming clear to us. Especially because of Coronavirus and the fact that our daily life takes place in an environment far removed from nature, some people notice that they are missing out on something. Studies have long shown that spending time in nature has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being.

Trend Neo Nature - a new awareness of nature.

A study conducted by the "Zukunftsinstitut" (Frankfurt) in 2008 shows how society is pining for nature, thereby changing consumption and markets.

However, all of these findings were made long before the Covid19 pandemic, which further intensified the yearning for nature.

The pandemic has many good things: it promotes a more conscious lifestyle, more self-care, more time for ourselves, more outdoor exercise, 'forest bathing' in our forests, eating healthier food, with knowing where our food comes from.

For many people, the world has slowed down again for a short time.

We must learn from nature, because our greatest strength of nature is PATIENCE.

The greatest wonders are often revealed in the smallest things, the immeasurable variety of true beauty and 'nature's wonders'. Nature adapts, man adapts what does not suit him.

Perhaps we have learned something after all?

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