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sky with stars

stars show

Imagine the infinite silence: with us in the mountains - in the desert or far out at sea, the "light pollution" is still so low that one can feel very close to the sky.


The starry sky reveals all its beauty and splendor to the observer, you feel one with nature and the stars.
Every year from 20 July until  15 August, the Perseids Rain takes place, a very special natural spectacle in which thousands and thousands of stars fall from the sky and burn up. 
We know this spectacle as shooting star and it is guaranteed that you will see some here at Lux Alp Chalet.
Of course, the one who sees a shooting star is allowed to make a wish. 

Skyspace in Lech

Our tip: lie down around 11.00 o'clock at night with a bottle of wine or warm tea, on a blanket directly below the chalet on the meadow and look at the sky in the direction of Bieberkopf.
For stargazers and hobby astrologers, the art installation of the American James Turrell - the SKY SPACE in LECH - could also be very interesting.
The interior is designed so that the viewer can experience in a very special light.

Overview Skyspace in Lech

When you enter SKY SPACE, the dome opens and the architectural construction of the light space creates the impression that the sky is part of the space.
The effect is spectacular and probably the ancient Egyptians and Greek sailors knew about the power of the sky.
Opening hours from June 1 to November 30 (daily from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset).

More info you can find here.

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