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Wattens Swarovski

The magical world of Swarovski crystals awaits you!

Urlaub neben Wattens

In 1891, the Bohemian violinist Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that could work crystals of very high quality.
In 1895, he founded a factory in the small village of Wattens to produce crystal products that imitated precious stones. At the same time, the products were widely used for fashionable clothing and accessories.

Swarovski Museum

Today, the cave museum Swarovski is visited by over 600 000 people a year. The museum comprises seven themed halls where adults and children can experience an unforgettable journey into the world of crystal. 
The largest Swarovski crystal entered in the Guinness Book of Records can be admired there. Its diameter is 40 centimetres and its weight 62 kilograms.

Urlaub im Apartements in den Bergen

There are several interesting museums in Wattens.
The history museum and the prehistoric settlement of Wattens - here you can see how people lived 2,000 years ago.
Another museum is the Typewriter Museum. In the museum you will find several hundred old exhibits. 
For children, the Legend Park (an open-air exhibition with mythological sculptures) would be an interesting experience. 


The distance from Lux Alp Chalet to Wattens only  2,5 hours by car or 150 km.

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