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Angling in Formarinsee

Fishing & Angling

"Petri Heil"

 Streams, rivers, lakes, with crystal clear water. The Warth-Schröcken area is the perfect place for "fly fishing". A dreamlike setting with many secret fishing spots.


Fishing in Spullersee

Fishing is permitted in most lakes and rivers from the end of June to the end of September. 


Here are some lakes and rivers: the Lechbach, the Spullersee, the Zürsersee, the Seebachsee in Warth, the Formarinsee and for beginners the fish pond in Zug. Also very exciting, fishing in the Bregenzerache from Unterboden (4km from Warth) - a fantastic holiday!

Fisching in Seebachsee in Warth

You can enjoy nature while waiting for the next fish, you don't need to have passed a fishing exam, all you need is a fishing licence and to be a good fisherman. 

Fishing permits cost between € 20 and € 50 and usually 4 fish are allowed to be taken, which can then be tastily prepared in the chalet. A fresh Lech trout also tastes simply delicious on our large grill. 

Fishing in Lech

Day tickets can be purchased at Hejfisch or at the Lech & Warth Tourism office and at the fish pond in Zug. 

Attention: fishing with barbs is prohibited in the entire area!

Nature alone is worth the trip.

The Lech is one of the last free-flowing white-water rivers in Europe, so the angler's heart beats faster, doesn't it?

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