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Raffle Lux Alp Chalet

Facebook Raffle

Conditions of participation

Facebook competition

Conditions of participation

The organizer of the competition is L.A. management GmbH with its office in 6767 'Warth am Arlberg / Wolfegg 83 / Austria. With your participation you agree to the following conditions of participation.

What can you win?

By participating you have the opportunity to win the arrangement described in the Facebook raffle.

How can I win

You enter by becoming a fan of Lux Alp Chalet in Warth am Arlberg on Facebook and liking and sharing the competition post.

Who can participate?

Participation is free of charge and open to any individual over 14 years of age. Entrants under 18 years of age require parental or guardian consent, which is required by Lux Alp Chalet. Automated lottery services and lottery clubs are excluded from participation.

Who is not allowed to participate?

Lux Alp Chalet reserves the right to exclude individuals from participation if there are justified reasons. These are, for example, the violation of these conditions of participation, manipulations and/or illegal contributions that contain insults, false facts, trademark, competition or copyright violations. Lux Alp Chalet reserves the right to take legal action if necessary. Users must accept responsibility for any legal infringements. Employees of Lux Alp Chalet and their relatives are excluded from participating in Facebook competitions. The legal process is excluded.

When does the competition take place?

The Facebook competition starts with the publication of the competition post and is limited in time.

When and how will the prize take place?

The end of the raffle will be announced in good time on Facebook. After the end of the raffle, the winner will be determined on the same day by means of an independent draw, without the public being present.

How do I find out about the prize?

The result of the prize draw will be published on Facebook on the day the raffle ends. The winner's name will be announced on the Lux Alp Chalet homepage.

How do I receive the prize?

When the winner is announced, he/she will be asked to contact Lux Alp Chalet and provide his/her contact address to send the prize. Once the details have been sent, the prize will be sent. Lux Alp Chalet is not liable for any delays caused by the shipping provider.

Privacy policy

All data collected in the course of the raffle will only be used by Lux Alp Chalet for the purpose of carrying out the raffle.

Exemption from Facebook

This competition is run by Lux Alp Chalet in Wolfegg 83 in Warth am Arlberg/Austria. Facebook has no connection whatsoever with this raffle. Facebook is therefore not available as a contact partner for this competition. All questions/information in this regard should be directed to Lux Alp Chalet.


Lux Alp Chalet reserves the right to adjust, modify or terminate the competition at any time. Circumstances that may lead to this include disruption of the competition due to force majeure, legal reasons, technical reasons (e.g. software or hardware errors) or manipulation of the competition by third parties. Lux Alp Chalet shall not be liable for any consequences arising from participation in the prize draw that lie outside its sphere of responsibility. Cash payment of the prize is not possible. Winning claims cannot be transferred to other persons. The legal process is excluded.

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