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Start your Moonbike experience here!


On a Moonbike, adventure-seekers explore the magnificent winter landscape, always in harmony with nature. Once you've sat on the saddle of a Moonbike, you'll never want to get off again. With speeds of up to 42 kilometres per hour, the electric snow bikes reach considerable speeds in the swirling snow. Even with up to 30 centimetres of fresh snow and a gradient of 40% on the groomed piste, winter bikers glide effortlessly over the white hills and experience pure winter sports action.

The fun on the piste starts on the very first day - there is no need for a long learning phase.


STARTER-MOONBIKE-PARK This is where your MoonBike adventure begins! Even as a beginner and novice, you will become an enthusiastic glider in no time at all. You will need warm winter clothing, sturdy winter shoes, gloves and a ski helmet with ski goggles.

Just a 5-minute briefing in the STARTER-MOONBIKE-PARK and you're ready to go!



PRO-MOONBIKE PARK As a pro, you enter the PRO-MOONBIKE PARK. (after training in the STARTER-MOONBIKE-PARK)

Here you can let off steam on the extended off-road course. Experience and enjoy the full electric power of your MoonBike.

42 km/h - 40 % gradient - 3 kN nominal force - 175 Nm torque and all this with a machine weight of only 87 kg.


You can find more information here.

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