Culinary delights – the "Luxerei“

At the Lux-Alp you have a variety of culinary delights to choose from. Fondue or Hot Stone, as well as "home style cooking" with local specialities - Menu’s set on the table
Flexible, individual and original.  Twice weekly is the Restaurant open!

In Lux-Alp, sustainability becomes part of everyday life.

It is about raising awareness and preserving our beautiful intact nature.

Do you know how many tonnes of food are disposed of in holiday apartments per year? 120,000 tonnes !!

Here at the Lux-Alp you will be pampered to health – everything is good & regional.

We aim to create awareness of:

  • The preservation of diversity in the forests and meadows,

  • The protection of native plants and animals,

  • The preservation of rural structures and habitats,

  • Social cohesion and added value in the local area

  • The preservation of local traditions and the value of traditional knowledge.

Heavenly breakfast buffet

In winter always included in the room rate!​
Start the day healthy and energetic, because we believe that spoiling yourself is part of a perfect vacation!

Boutique hotel Lechtaler Hof 

Our partner restaurant Lechtaler Hof represents a balanced approach both to nature and food! 


Here you will find all kinds of fine food.


You can experience the amazing tastes and smell the delicious aromas of our dishes.

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Private „Spa de Lux“


The spa area at the Lux-Alp features clean lines and a unique design.
A Himalayan salt stone sauna, a Finnish steam bath, a Roman caldarium and an infrared cabin with a wonderful relaxation room invite you to relax after a fantastic skiing or hiking day.

Our garden apartments also have an outdoor bathtub, which invites you to marvel at the night sky on clear nights

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